We organize your vacation before and whilst you are in Itacaré.

We find the best value flights for your dates.

We can organize your transfer from Ilhéus to Itacaré, your pousada (B&B) and the activities you would like to do in Itacaré as soon as you booked your flight and sent us your flight confirmation.

We find and book an ideal accommodation for you, with you. We will send you a checklist on which you can mark what features you would like your accommodation to have. Depending on your preferences, we will send you information about the different pousadas (B&Bs) available.

There is always someone from Travel-Itacaré in Itacaré who will welcome you, show you around, organize activities for you and whom who you can talk to in case you have any questions or concerns. We are always there for you to make sure that you enjoy your vacation and that you make the most of Itacaré.

Kids and babies are very welcome! Because of the different climate we recommend the Brazilian winter (our summer), because temperatures are not as extreme as in the Brazilian summer and especially babies find it easier to adapt. Airlines only charge a small fee for babies under two years of age who don’t have their own seat (about 80€/100US$ return). Children from two years of age pay almost the same ticket price than adults. However, depending on the pousada, they pay only a small fee or nothing in the pousada.

Lunch and dinner are not included. We can show you around Itacaré and point out the best (or best value) restaurants to you. Bahian food is wonderful as Itacaré’s restaurants will prove! You can get a lunch in Itacaré from 10 Reais (about 4 US$) and a snack for dinner for 4 Reais dinner in a restaurant from 20 Reais (about 8€/11 US$)

We recommend health insurance for your holiday. Itacaré has generic practitioners, dentists and a hospital in case you shall need them.