Itacaré and Maraú

Itacaré is a beautiful small town on the Cocoa coast of Brazil, surrounded by rainforest. It has more than ten amazing beaches, from the protected Concha, close to the centre of Itacaré, to Tiririca, a ten-minute-walk away, where world surf championships are held. The Maraú peninsula with its idyllic fishing villages, coral reefs and calm beaches starts just north of Itacaré, on the other side of the Rio de Contas river.

Travel Itacaré

We offer individually organized vacations to Itacaré and the Maraú peninsula with an emphasis on discovering local culture and sports. There is no mass tourism in Itacaré, no big hotels. In Itacaré you can become part of the local culture and get to know the people, not as hotel employees, but in everyday life..


Itacaré is in the tropics, south of the equator. This means, it is always warm. During winter, i.e. the European and North American summer, temperatures are a little lower and there are more rainy days than in summer. Still, the weather is mostly beautiful. Temperatures go up to 30°Celcius (86° Fahrenheit) in winter and 40°Celcius (104° Fahrenheit) in summer..