Activities in & around Itacaré

We can make a reservation for diving or surfing lessons even before you arrive. In any case, once you get to Itacaré, we will explain everything in detail, answer all your questions, and show you everything you are interested in, for instance where the Capoeira classes or shows are held.


Capoeira is Brazil’s most popular sport after soccer, of course. It is for everybody from 1 to 99 years old. Capoeira is a no-touch-martial art with acrobatic and dance elements, singing and instrument playing. In Itacaré we practice with the group Tribu Unida, who organize training and rodas (“circle”, shows) almost every day, even for small children.

Costs: adults: 2€/2,50US$ children: 10€/13US$ per stay or month


Beginners usually start to train on a longboard. If you wish, your course can take place on various beaches.

Costs: three surf lessons of two hours each, incl. equipment 95€/125US$
Jungle and Mangrove walks - Waterfalls and Deserted Beaches

Several beaches around Itacaré are as beautiful as they are secluded. You can only reach them by adventurous walks through jungle and mangroves. However, the things you get to see are breathtaking: big waterfalls with no one to watch but you, amazing views of the cocoa coast and if you are lucky, monkeys and other animals. If you like, your local guide will explain plants and animals.

Costs: 9€ /15US$ for the guide

Duration: depends, from three hours to the whole dayCosts: 30€/40US$, Duration: 9am to 4pm

Canoeing Rio de Contas

We highly recommend a ride in a traditional canoe along the Rio de Contas and the mangroves. Farmers from Itacaré have small cocoa and palm plantations in the midst of the rainforest. If you get too warm – jump into the river!

Costs: from 15€/20 US$(per canoe), Duration: from 3 – 6 hours

Cocoa and Palm-Oil Plantations

A farmer shows cocoa and palm tree fruits and explains how to make cocoa and palm tree oil – not for gasoline but for traditional home-made dendê-oil, that Brasilians use for cooking. The highlight of the day : a home-made feijão (traditional meal of beans) for lunch and after that freshly picked cocoa.

Costs: 30€/40US$, Duration: 9am to 4pm

Rafting Rio de Contas

Costs: 20€/25US$, Duration: 9am to 5pm


From July to October Humpback whales can be watched in the waters around Itacaré.

Costs: 50€/65US$, Duration: 9am to 5pm


A mountain sport that can be done at waterfalls in Itacaré.

Costs: 20€/25US$

Rainforest Tree-Top-Walking-and-Gliding

Behind Ribeira, the fourth beach in Itacaré, an adventure park has been created between tree tops. Here, you have to use different means to get from one tree to the next. The highlight is to glide several hundred meters above a valley.

Costs: per glide across a valley: 5€/7US$,

Rainforest Adventure Park: 29€/38US$, Duration: 2 to 3 hours

In Taipu de Fora on the Maraú Peninsula a natural aquarium has been formed between coral reefs. It is a beautiful place to snorkel.

Costs: offroad trips to Maraú from 25€/35US$,

Duration: 9 am to 5 pm or several days


There are two dive schools on the Maraú, with whom you can discover the underwater world of the peninsula.

Costs: per dive -incl. tank and weights: 30€/40US$, incl. all equipment: 45€/60US$
dive course: Open Water Diver: 415€/550US$ (min. four days on Maraú)



Twice a week a teacher from São Paulo offers Yoga classes in a beautiful setting.